Statement from YUSU Women’s Officers

The organisers support the statement issued by the University of York Student Union’s Women’s Officers and the Women’s Network Committee regarding the cancellation of International Men’s Day at York. We particularly welcome the comments regarding men’s health issues:

One actually relevant point raised has been the lack of support for men’s mental health. We know this an issue, and the women’s network frequently campaigns for better mental health provision on campus. The university has repeatedly made cuts to open door, and ignored complaints from students about poor service and wait times. Presumably talking about the issue for a day of ‘awareness’ is cheaper than actually investing in the solution students groups have been repeatedly campaigning for.

The officers also highlight the ways in which their views and those of other liberation officers have been marginalised throughout the process of planning and cancelling IMD, supporting our growing concerns that there are pressing problems with the way the Equality and Diversity Committee operates.

The statement can be read in full here.

Though we welcomed the YUSU statement provided by Ben Leatham, which conceded that the ‘format and the communication’ of the awareness day ‘was wrong,’ we are pleased that this statement from the Women’s Officers and Women’s Network Committee engages further with the nuances of the issues at stake.


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